Plantations-Collections de cacaos rares


40 different varieties among the oldest ones.

Each variety is harvested separately to be operating in mono-varietal chocolate.

New experiences in tastings

Costa Rica and Nicaragua, two cacao original lands.

We’re experienced with more than 200 hectares of rare cocoas plantations, and we work more to come.

Plantations-Collections creation and operating.

How we work

Old varieties of cocoa seeking

At the beginning, in 2010, we had to find out ancient cocoa varieties. It’s through literature, existing collections and field expeditions we made during several years it was.

For each one identified, we tested their aromatic potential.

Then, the selected varieties began the long way of multiplication ….

Creation and operating of Plantations-Collections

Create a plantation means, first, create favorable surroundings : ground, shadow, humidity, windbreakers, fauna biodiversity, ….

We adopted the agroforestry mode and plant thousands endemic and endangered tree species.

After 2 years, the fields are ready to receive the cocoa trees. The cultivation begins for 30 years ..

Mono-Cépage Harvests

The aim of The Cacaotal is to harvest each variety separately to transform each one in chocolate.

We organize and provide post-harvest treatments for fermentation, drying, bagging fited to each one of the cocoas.

Chocolate of Excellence

Our cocoas are transformed in chocolate by a famous chocolatier who respects their own typicity.

In Process ..

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