Plantations-Collections de cacaos rares


In Artal Forest group,

We cultivate Rarity


Artel Forest group

Artal Forest began in 2004 with creation of Teak plantations in Costa Rica to provide precious wood but looking after maintain biodiversity on it’s sites.

Today, Artal Forests operates on more than 1600 hectares of Teak plantation, all certified FSC since 2011.

In 2012, Artal Forest followed its development with shrimps farming in transforming formers farms in organic practices in Nicaragua. By this way, we created the first organic farms in Central America, all certified BIO-Europe.

Since 2010, we launched the project of The Cacaotal, an unique world concept built on reactivating old cocoa varieties and a mono-varietal harvest to offer consumer cocoas of excellence.


Create plantations on former intensive agricultural zones
Harvest and Post-harvest
Transform in hight-value product


Costa Rica

Teak plantations

Since 2004, we planted and operated 1,600 hectares of Teak forest split on 15 sites in Costa Rica.

All the forests are certified FSC since 2011.

Organic shrimps

In Nicaragua, since 2011, we developed five organic farms of Vanamey shrimps, the first in Central America, Bio-Europe certified.

The shrimps are sold beneath the “Lady Rose” brand.

Rare Cocoas

For quite a decade ,The Cacaotal has established a private collection of about forty varieties of Theobroma cacao.

The activities of The Cacaotal are :

– develop plantations-collections of “rare” cocoa trees, botanical or old varieties, from its collection

– recreate previously, favorable culture fields in the form of agroforestry (with endemic and endangered tree species)

-find these ancient varieties through literature, collections and field expeditions for several years,

– test their aromatic potential

– multiply them by adapting the method to each variety,

– cultivate adapted methods to each variety,

– to harvest cocoas and provide post-harvest treatments for fermentation, drying, bagging

– harvest them in mono-varietal form

– turn them into chocolate of excellence for an optimal tasting.



Plantations-Collections : an ambitious and unrivalled project.

We collaborate with the greatest experts ; We want to build something for future together.